Gns 480 installation manual

Premium multisport gps watches in 3 sizes offer heart rate, pulse ox, routable maps, pace guidance, music and more. However, not sure when the last time your unit was updated, but now would be a good time for garmin to do that if you opt to send it in and drop a grand anyway. Added suggestion to use serial port 5 in systems equipped with 5 serial ports to avoid conflict with prewired port for eis. Com radio canadian installation and operation limitations in addition to the installation and operation instructions in the latest revision of the installation manuals listed below, the following antenna com limitations are required for all installations that occur in canada. Availability of some menu selection depend on the installed external transponder.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The gtx 33 is an all solidstate design, which makes for lower power consumption and reduced heat emissions. Your garmin dealer will perform the installation and configuration of your new gns 480. The gns 480 performs internal checks and shows the status of the tests during. Installation and operators manual 2005500100 page 12 rev. Garmin gns 480 stc sa01229se gns 480 cnx80 ica yumpu. View and download garmin gns 480 installation manual online. It meets all requirements for external remote mode selection and status annunciation for the garmin gns.

It has the builtin controls for a remote transponder, such as the gtx 33, garmins solidstate mode s transponder. Visit the garmin web site for current updates and supplemental information concerning the operation of. Provision is made for unit software upgrade by means of rs232 data transfer through rear connector pins. If you need the 480 installation manual i have a copy in electronic form but it may be too big for emailing.

The gns 480 utilizes the proven performance of garmin gps. There will be far deeper info available if we can ever find a true expert to list them. A instructions for continued airworthiness page 3 of 8 1. The installation of an optional connector is highly recommended. I really like the builtin transponder in the 480 with the automatic taxi standby feature, and i am wondering if anyone else has come up with an adsb out solution that is compatible with this radio and internal transp. The transmitter delivers up to 250 watts of nominal power output. Page iv 500 series installation manual rev j pn 1900018102 500 series hardware mod level history the following table identifies hardware modification mod levels for the gps 500 and gns 530. May 18, 2011 but the fuel flow must be connected to the 480 via a com port and activated. After installation of the gma 340, faa form 337 must be completed by an appropriately. Jul 09, 2016 i have a garmin gns 480, which i think is the best radio garmin ever sold. Gns 480 cnx80 installation manual 560098201 rev g i history of revisions revision date description 074 initial release.

Apollo sl30 installation manual 1 section 1 introduction about this manual this manual describes the installation of the apollo sl30 navcomm units. At this time the size of the gns 480 cnx80 database exceeds 15. Although the garmin gns 480 is a precision electronic navigation aid navaid, any navaid can be misused or misinterpreted and therefore become unsafe. View and download garmin gns 480 installation manaul online. When the position display appears, you can press chg to manually enter. Garmin gns 480 cnx80 stc instructions for continued airworthiness. F page i information subject to export control laws this document may contain information which is subj ect to the export admini stration regulations ear issued by the united states departme nt of commerce 15 cfr, chapter vii, subchapter c and which may. It is intended for use by persons certified by the federal aviation administration faa to install aircraft navigation devices. Adds support for the gns 480 to be used as a position source for ac 20165 compliant adsb out operation of the gdl 88. As disappointing as garmins decision to discontinue the gns 480 is, most of the members of the gns.

This is a quick writeup of things that i could find. Gdl 69 series siriusxm satellite radio activation instruction. Gtx 323333d remote transponder instructions for continued. Mar 25, 2008 in support of the gns 480 by tom benenson. Airplane flight manual supplement or supplemental airplane flight manual for stc sa02015sed garmin g500 system 1900110201 rev. Manuals garmin gns 430w gns 430w installation manual gns 430w flight manual supplement gns 430w pilot guide gns 430w quick reference gns 430w stc page 1 gns 430w permission letter garmin gns 530w gns 530w full installation manual gns 530w flight manual supplement n727rh garmin gns 430w documents gns 430w n727rh form 337. My jpi ff talks to my 480 just fine telling me all sorts of useful information. Some differences in operation may be observed when comparing the information in this manual to other software versions. This notice is being provided in accordance with californias proposition 65.

Variables include whether you already have a gpscompatible cdi. Gns 480 is designed to accommodate a variety of traffic and weather alerting interfaces. If the optional connector is placed in the aircraft, transponder removal and reinstallation for software upgrade is not required. It includes installation and checkout procedures for the sl30 unit to. The aim of this installation manual is to provide clear and concise guidance in a layout. It boasts a bright, sunlightreadable digital display, a pressure altitude readout, handy timers for approaches and other operations, plus dedicated pushbuttons numbered 09 for quick and easy squawk. The ifrcertified gtx 345 looks and operates like a standard mode s transponder. See gns 480 pilots guide and the gns 480 installation instructions, listed under. Reference to gma 340 throughout this manual refers to all versions of the unit. B this manual reflects the operation of main software version 2. For transponder installations operating with a garmin gns 480 cnx80, refer to gns 480 cnx80 installation manual, 560098201 for configuration. E this manual reflects the operation of main software version 3. View and download garmin gns 480 pilots manual online. I can also add that when i forget to turn on the jpi i see the message on the 480 you describe, but i ignore press enter, and turn on the jpi.

To receive additional copies of gns 480 publications, order the following part numbers. More for a 480 than 430530 in a tiger, since the 430530 in the tigers regular stack dont require a separate annunciator, but i dont think thats true for the 480. And other highlights include remote ident and auto standby, a traffic information services tisa interface, plus altitude monitor with voice alerts. This service bulletin announces the availability of new gns 480 cnx80 software version 2. There is a 480 yahoo user group with numerous expert posters. The size of the database will exceed 16 mb with jeppesen database cycle 1001 on january 7, 2010. Gtx 330 installation manual page 11 1900020702 revision g 1. When garmin first introduced the gns 480 cnx80 product in 2003, and for several years after that, the standard datacard was 32mb in size. Some differences in operation may be observed when comparing the information in this manual to later software versions. K 1900035608 warning this product, its packaging, and its components contain chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

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