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A new york university professor returns from a rescue mission to the amazon rainforest with the footage shot by a lost team of documentarians who were making a film about the areas local cannibal tribes. During the flight lightning hits the plane and the ss parachute onto an island populated by savages. Cannibal holocaust 1980 adventure, horror official trailer. A decade on from starting the cannibal genre, director umberto lenzi has the. Dont get left behind enjoy unlimited, adfree access to shudders full library of films and series for 7 days. Now the content, on the first reel, disk 1 features the uncut version of cannibal holocaust and the animal crueltyfree version. Stream cannibal holocaust uncut, adfree on all your favorite devices. Cannibal holocaust magazine in german and english 3 cannibal holocaust lobby cards. Cannibal holocaust totally uncut 1980 ruggero deodato bluray region. Cannibal holocaust 1980 uncut 1080p bluray x265 hevc. Holocausto canibal, lenfer des cannibales, ruggero deodatos cannibal holocaust, ruggero deodatos cannibal holocaust 1980. Cannibal holocaust 2 dvds steelbook uncut by ruggero deodato.

Cannibal holocaust 1980 uncut in 1080p, encoded with x265 in hevc and aac 2. German, french, italian, spanish, polish, rumanian. Extras on disc three are in english with german subtitles except where noted. German video release cannibal holocaust from the label astro was uncut, but was banned in 2000. As the nazis ruled germany, the hollywood icon wrote, directed, and starred in this satire on fascism. Download cannibal holocaust 1980 uncut 1080p bluray x265 hevc 10bit aac 2.

According to imdbs trivia section the movie can only be seen completely uncut in the ecultrabit dvd, which means that ive seen a tamed down version and. Nearing the end of ww2, nazis realize that they will lose. An anthropologist heads a rescue party into the south american jungle to find a missing film team making a documentary on cannibal tribes, but the viewing of their footage reveals their crueler intentions. Cannibal holocaust 1980 uncut repack 1080p bluray x265. Stream cannibal ferox uncut, adfree on all your favorite devices. Cannibal holocaust 1980 full movie streaming download. For businessexclusive pricing, quantity discounts and downloadable vat invoices. Cannibal holocaust 1 hours and 35 minutes movie 1980 with the intention to venture into the unexplored areas in the deep jungle of the amazon rainforest at the border between brazil and peru, in 1979, a film crew composed of four young americans attempted to make a documentary about the never seen before indigenous cannibalistic tribes. Encoded using the time consuming 2 pass, 10 bit color at 6000 kbps, from a bluray source, for the highest quality possible. Science fiction, action, fantasy, horror, available translation. Cannibal holocaust 1980 uncut repack 1080p bluray x265 hevc 10bit aac 2.

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